Month: April 2019

Let’s get Interactive with InDesign. What are my choices?

You’ve created a document in InDesign. It’s time to export. There are so many choices out there. PDF for print and interactive. Publish Online, ePub, both Fixed Layout as well as Reflowable. Then there are all the third party enterprise plug-ins. My favorite way to export from InDesign is to use in5 by Ajar Productions. This document was created in InDesign, exported using in5 and inserted into a WordPress Blog using a free Word Press plug-in from Ajar Productions. All the buttons, animations and interactivity was created in InDesign, but the export to allow all of those features to work was exported using in5.

Take a look thru the document and see the pros and cons of the different exports from InDesign.

There are 2 Enter/Return Keys on an extended keyboard. They are not the same.

I remember my first job out of college. I was a designer (desktop publisher) at a local printer, using QuarkXPress – probably 3.0 or 3.3. I was making a brochure, and my text kept disappearing after I hit Enter. I was getting frustrated and kept closing my document without saving to start over. I finally …

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Select to Affect

If you’ve ever been in one of my classes, you may remember that “the phrase that pays” is SELECT to AFFECT. This means simply that if you want to bold a word, you must first SELECT that word. Then you can bold it.  If you want to fill a square with red, you can’t just look …

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Zoom in InDesign

Switching between the tools in InDesign can make you lose valuable time and make your arm hurt! My left hand is always on my keyboard, so I use my modifier keys to switch between my tools. Hold Command and Spacebar (mac) | CTRL and Spacebar (win) while you’re on any tool. The zoom tool will be …

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