Font Filtering in InDesign CC 2018

I create digital scrapbooks. So for some pages, I use lots of different fonts. I’m always looking for something fun, different and cool. In the new InDesign CC 2018, you can filter your fonts by Classification. So if I find a script font, I can see ALL of the script fonts I’ve got installed, instead of manually looking thru them, one at a time. 

Filter allows you to choose a “Class” of fonts. Serif, Script, Handwritten etc. 

TK icon will show you only the fonts you’ve downloaded from Typekit. 

STAR icon will show you the fonts that you’ve STARRED (click on the empty star to the left of a font name) This is great if I’m working on a project with only one or two fonts allowed. I can show ONLY those two fonts so I don’t get tempted or frustrated seeing a huge long list. 

~ icon will show you fonts that are similar to the font that you’ve already chosen in the list. 

And finally the Add Fonts from Typekit button will launch Typekit – which will go to your Creative Cloud account where you can search for and add those cool fonts for all of your projects!

Bonus tip: when you have some text selected, hit Command +6 (mac)  or CTRL + 6 (win) to highlight the font menu, then you can type the name of the font you’re looking for! 

You do have to make sure your font is at the top left of the control panel – not the alignment buttons. See the little A and P(paragraph marker icon)? way at the left of the screen shot? Make sure the “A” is active for this shortcut to work.