Training is MY Passion

I enjoy working with individuals or a room full of eager students. We can start from the very beginning and learn how to turn an idea into a printed piece on paper or a digital document on the web. Or, we can dive into InDesign at an advanced level, troubleshoot a file, and turn a tedious nightmare into a well thought out document; using styles, table of contents and other features.

As an instructor, I’m constantly learning new ways to make my clients understand the how and the why of these difficult programs.

Photo by Erica Gamet at Creative Pro Week 2018

Training Solutions
Boost Your Success

Have you tried to work with InDesign or Illustrator? Have you created and edited a few pages, but you just don’t “get” these complex programs?
Let me work with you for a few hours or a few days and you will understand these intimidating, but essential tools. We can use your working files so you have hands on training with the documents, logos, graphics and photos that you’ll be working with after our sessions. 

Training can be at your location, we can find a common spot for a one on one consultation, or I have connections at a few larger classrooms. We can also connect online. Show me what you struggle with and I can teach you how to solve your design and production issues on the spot. This will not only to solve today’s questions, but you will create well designed and functional documents for future use. 

Pluralsight Video Training

I’m a author, creating video training content for their online learning platform. You can watch 3 titles at

Ajar Academy

Exporting an InDesign document to PDF used to be only for print and to send to a client to proof or read. Now, interactivity is essential as a companion to our print documents. PDF has so many limitations when it comes to buttons, slide shows, animation, hyperlinks and other interactive features. in5 is a plug-in by Ajar Productions which exports an InDesign file and keeps all buttons, animations, multi-state objects and adds incredible interactive functionality to your InDesign document. I’ve created a course to explain all the details of adding interactivity in InDesign and how to export as HTML which can be viewed on the web.

Ajar Academy online courses
Creating your First Interactive Document
with InDesign & in5


In my classes and seminars, I use these presentations to demonstrate different aspects of Creative Cloud and Interactive publishing concepts.

Customized to your group

I have been a speaker at numerous events. I would love to speak at yours. I love to teach and get students excited about InDesign and Illustrator, and understand how they really work. I can customize my training to focus specifically on your needs, weather that is how to get started using these intimidating programs individually, work with them together or tackle a specific feature, such as Paragraph Styles, CC Libraries or Table of Contents. 

I’ve spoken at CreativePro Week in New Orleans (18), Seattle(19), Online (20,21), Washington DC(22), Phoenix(23) and now back to Washington in 2024 with all new sessions and topics! Join me July 9-13, 2024. I’ve also spoken at Adobe Days with Ascend Training, SMPS Chicago Marketing Group, HOW & Vector Conferences, The InDesign Conference, Creative Suite Conference and the Chicago Adobe User Group, the LA InDesign User Group, The New Jersey Adobe User Group and more. I’ve been invited by companies and organizations to speak at their marketing events, day long corporate training and other conferences that teaches employees InDesign, Illustrator and/or Photoshop.

Free videos

I spoke at the LA InDesign User Group and here is that hour long video


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What my clients say

Loved the topic and demonstration of how to use various tools. Lots of helpful tips and tricks to implement moving forward. Sepaker was incredibly knowledgeable, clear and concise in her approach to teaching.

SMPS attendee C.C.

Laurie was really amazing. The content was engaging & I had many "aha" moments. Enjoyed this seminar very much. Hope to attend more in the future.

The InDesign Seminar A.S.

Made me want to jump on my computer and play with the Shape Builder tool IMMEDIATELY. I've tried it out before, but this session explained it so clearly that I feel like I really get it now.

Creative Pro Week Attendee

The presenter was prepared, spoke very clearly and moved through her material in an easy-tounderstand way. She repeated the important points. This made learning very easy!

Creative Pro Week Attendee